ISEL is the only public engineering institute in France in the field of logistics. Today, logistics is a strategic function in companies. A graduate engineer in logistics can pursue a career in different positions in industry as well as in retailing and logistics service provision. Logistics is also strongly characterized by its international dimension. The ISEL logistics course is thus based on science, management and languages.

ISEL has numerous foreign partner institutions, both European (Socrates/Erasmus programme) and worldwide. ISEL offers to its students :



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Creation of the Higher Institute of Logistics Studies (ISEL)


Inauguration of the school premises on Frissard docks in Le Havre


ISEL receives the EUR-ACE label


Creation of the Comptoir de la Logistique,  as part of the logistics engineering valorization project


ISEL celebrates 20th anniversary


Launch of the TRAFIS LAB project  with French Customs, HAROPAPORT and many others companies


In 2016, ISEL has 96% success on promotion of 220 students

ISEL is situated in the port city of Le Havre, in Normandy, France, on the « Quai Frissard » campus.


Its classification by UNESCO in July  2005 was the official recognition of how much has been accomplished, and will encourage the city to continue developing the potential of its urban environment.

It will also bring many tourists to Le Havre where they will discover the city’s fascinating and original heritage.

Website of Le Havre city :