LSC 2019 @ ISEL

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LSC 2019 @ ISEL

On Monday Morning, a reunion was held in our premises at ISEL, in order to organize the welcoming and the accomodation of foreign students as part of the « LSC 2019 » program. The following article will sum up what that « LSC » program is, and how the various events will unfold during the upcoming months.

This reunion brought together some of our students, as well as members of ISEL’s International Affairs Department (Mr. BARUBE), the International Relations Department from Le Havre University (Mme. BALANEL & Mlle VILLAMAUX) and ISEL’s administrative staff (Mme OUARET), aiming at coordinating everyone’s actions according to the different deadlines.  

« Happy he who like Ulysses … »

The international perspective has always been at the heart of ISEL’s actions : we are positive that you need to travel in order to learn more, and we strongly believe that discovery, dialog and sharing are essential values for any aspiring logistics engineer. But what does it mean effectively ?

The LSC program is one of our main international projects, and has been working for over ten years ; this « Logistics & Supply-Chain » syllabus has received the EUR-ACE label and allows us to open our doors to foreign non-French-speaking students for a study semester taught in english.

Our tutoring system in place, based on our students’ good will and kindness, facilitates the integration of our foreign newcomers. Not only do they help on a strictly material and bureaucratic level (faculty registration, housing issues, opening new bank accounts …), they also make sure that the foreign students are well integrated to ISEL’s social life and student activities.

Year after year, this tutoring system has proved its worth, allowing tutoring students to open new perspectives for themselves and to create new friendly networks around the globe.

For more information, visit our International Programs section.


Here are some pictures and souvenirs from previous LSC semesters :