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Welcome to Isel, School of logistics!

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ISEL – a logistics engineering institute, unique in France.

ISEL, Graduate School of Logistics” is the only public engineering institute in France in the field of logistics. Today, logistics is a strategic function in companies. A graduate engineer in logistics can pursue a career in different positions in industry as well as in retailing and logistics service provision. Logistics is also strongly characterized by its international dimension. The Isel logistics course is thus based on science, management and languages.

ISEL has numerous foreign partner institutions, both European (Socrates/Erasmus programme) and worldwide (see section on “International partners”).

Since 2013,  ISEL offers to its students a new GU8 master: the Global MBA and Supply Chain Management (click here).

ISEL also offers to foreign studentssemester specific course (bachelor level), taught wholly in English, designed for them: the LSC semester (click here).